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"The" U visa "and the case certification process"

The "U" Visa Process

Obtaining permanent legal residence in this country under the "U" visa is not a simple process, on the contrary, it is a long and complex process that requires the knowledge of an immigration lawyer who can handle the case in your name, and have the experience and knowledge about this complex law, which by the way this law exists since 2000, which was when the US congress as well as the president in turn who approved it.

I have already said several times that this law is aimed at strengthening the capacity of public order agendas, that is, the police, to investigate and prosecute, cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse and other crimes in which undocumented persons In this country they have been victims.

This type of case begins when the person who is in this country, without planning or thinking, becomes a victim of a crime, which is physically or mentally injured, but who survived the incident and reported to the authorities. Many times the police authorities arrived at the scene of the crime, or the hospital where the victim received First aid, or at the police station where the incident was reported.

The certification process for the "U" visa is the first step taken, and the one required by law to initiate a process of permanent legal residence, under the "U" visa. Such certification must be carried out by a police representative where the crime occurred, or a prosecutor's representative can also do it, in case the case has reached an indictment against the wrongdoer in the courts or courts of the United States.

The approval of a certification process under the "U" visa is of crucial importance, since it represents the first step towards an approval solution for a permanent legal residence visa for an applicant who is in this country without immigration documents and Who is the victim of a crime.

The fact that the wrongdoer who committed the crime has not been arrested or charged with the crime does not prevent the victim of such a crime from obtaining the certification of such a process.

According to the immigration law of this country, all that is required is that the victim has cooperated with the police authorities or the prosecutor's office, so the fact of having gone to the police station to report the crime towards her person, the fact of having cooperated with the investigators of the prosecution and identifying the evildoer, although such an evildoer has never been arrested or charged with the crime, it is sufficient level of cooperation that allows the person without documents, to be certified by means of form I-918 Supplement B, that such cooperation if it existed in the case.

The documents that a lawyer or lawyer in immigration law, needs to initiate the process of certification of the “U” visa for a client, are a copy of the police report, identification of the state where the victim resides, and the certificate of Birth of the victim.

Of course, every good lawyer or lawyer must evaluate the incident of the crime committed, review the victim's criminal and immigration history, before carrying out such a certification process under the “U” visa.

A “U” visa process is a long, complex process, and requires the knowledge of an immigration lawyer with extensive knowledge about this type of process, how long a case lasts to take place and obtain residency Permanent legal is eight to ten years, however from the moment that such case is certified, the applicant can breathe a better air of tranquility, since immigration authorities can not so easily deport those who are covered under this law. Also a work permit is usually possible from 4 to 5 years of registering the application for this visa. Once the I-918 form is certified, the “U” visa must be requested within the next six months.

So if you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime in this country, and you want to know what your rights are under the "U", don't think about it, our law firm Arevalo and Romero, we have thirty Five years of experience, practicing immigration law. We have the experience and knowledge about this law that allows you as a client to achieve under this law, achieve peace of mind and the goal of permanent legal residence.

The number to call to make an appointment with me or my partner lawyer Lori Romero and talk about your case is (626) 799-6585 or you can also use our website and ask your question.

In the next migranote, I will talk about all the stages of a legal residency process under the “U” visa.

by Enrique Arevalo
Attorney in immigration law.
September 4, 2019

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